Quality policy. January 2017.

Since it was incorporated in 1945, Industrias Sardañes S.L., IJS has been an outstanding, pioneering company with prestige in the development and production of spare parts for the motor vehicle industry.

Our service starts personal service for all our customers, adapting to their needs, in the certainty that we can supply them with the most competitive products.

We are ready and able to handle types of market demands and requests. Our current productive resources enable us to manufacture more than a million units a year, 80% of which are exported.

We are obsessed with offering optimal quality services from all our departments. Our production is based on this philosophy, which is why we are able to supply high-tech, durable products and competitive prices to satisfy any need in the motor vehicle industry.

That's why IJS's formal management strategy seeks professionalism in work processes, striving to raise the bar through continual improvement at both an individual and collective level, enhancing service standards and improving customer satisfaction.

IJS is committed to fulfilling the specifications of those who place their trust in us, and to complying with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to the company and its environmental aspects.

We do this through:

  • Innovation, applying up-to-date technology to all our activities.
  • Providing our workforce and the subcontractors that cooperate with IJS with continual training.
  • Setting annual objections to improve our management and quality processes.

The IJS Quality Policy is the framework of reference for establishing quality objectives. This is communicated, applied and understood throughout the organisation, and is available to any interested party who requires it.